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Happy Human Hour!
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Come one, come all!
 Welcome to the official site for the Happy Human Hour podcast! What's Happy Human Hour you ask...? Well let me explain or better yet sum up. HHH is a super monthly weekly podcast done by Houston comedienne Stephanie Fisher that would even make homeless chimney sweeper kids in England smile as they tried to fight off frostbite. Each week Steph has a guest co-host plus another guest to give you three times the laughs for the whirlwind adventure of an hour that is the podcast. On this website there are links to the podcast episodes as they get dished out, behind the scenes photos of the dishing and there's a tab up top o' this here page where you can send e-mails to Steph. Here's to hoping that you love yourself like she hearts you.
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Let's all take a moment to enjoy this new episode that comes with extra hilarity sauce because she is a beaut! Special guests are comedy sketch due/BFFs Medial Phonies who made Steph laugh harder than she can ever remember laughing while recording. That's saying a lot! So saying it's got extra hilarity sauce isn't subjective like when everyone tells you to watch ‪Mad Men‬ so you do and all you can think the whole time is, "I don't get it. I want to but I just don't." This is the truth, dammit. You can listen to the episode on iTunes or on Stitcher here. If not, just enjoy via the player below, playa. Besos!